Arsany Said

I entered the legal field later in life. After high school I took a little detour and did not become a licensed attorney until 2015, at age 35. Even though my law career isn’t as lengthy as other attorneys my age, it allowed me to gain extensive life experience prior to becoming an attorney. Before I became an attorney I worked various jobs, mostly blue collar, and that led me to entering the firearms industry around 2012. I traveled to many gun shows under the name Free Citizen and I eventually opened my own successful gun store, with the same name. My dedication to my firearms business caused me to place law on the back burner but my passion for law was always there. While running my firearms business I maintained a small legal case load, even when the firearm industry and my business had more of my focus. I had my own line of AR15 rifles, I sold kits for people to build their AR15 rifles, and I educated the community on laws regarding firearms and safety. This caused me to realize that both my passions for law and firearms weren’t on opposite sides of the spectrum, and instead went hand in hand. My experience with firearms gave me special knowledge to deal with assault weapon charges and complex gun cases. I eventually realized that I could do more good for people by being a criminal defense attorney and I should start utilizing my attorney license. Being a licensed attorney, and having the firearm knowledge I possess, gave me an opportunity to help people that the system was attempting to railroad. This became exponentially more important to me than simply selling guns. I made the decision to sell my store and join the fight against. Since I began practicing criminal defense I joined two conflict panels, also known as alternate public defenders. This gave me the opportunity to handle a vast number of cases, with varying levels of severity, in a short period of time. I have handled cases ranging from petty theft to murder, and each case is equally important. I maintain a very diverse case load because I understand that no case is too simple or complicated. People faced with legal troubles need someone to fight ferociously on their behalf. I entered this career to help people get out of some of their darkest times and when I begin work everyday, that is what I do.


My client was facing LIFE under the three strikes law for criminal threats and domestic violence with great bodily injury. I got the case reduced to a misdemeanor and settled for time served. My client was released within two weeks of his arrest.

My client was facing double digit prison time for domestic violence with great bodily injury and child endangerment. My client had a prior strike, which would double his sentence if he was found guilty. After my representation at a 5 day trial, my client was found NOT GUILTY on all felony counts and was held on a misdemeanor. He received summary probation with no jail time.

My Client was going to sign a deal for 1 year county jail plus formal probation on two straight felonies when I came on the case. I got the charges changed to WOBBLERS. This would allow him to get his gun rights back once he gets the felonies reduced to misdemeanors, which the other charges would not allow. Instead of 1 year county jail he received 180 days work release.

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